Tissaj 500-Thread-Count Organic Cotton Pillowcases Set – 500TC King/California King Size Ultra White Color – 2 Piece Set - 100% GOTS Certified Extra Long Staple, Soft Sateen Weave - 4" Hem

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Tissaj is a modern age brand focused on bringing functional, smart home essentials of everyday value to our consumers. We bring in new age consumer products useful in everyday life for you at extremely competitive prices for the best in class quality. Our products range from Bed Linen to home organization products. These include Premium Luxury Bed Linens, Automatic Water Dispensers, Vacuum Storage Bags, Manicure Kits, Laundry Bags, Vegetable Storage Bags, Table Place Mats, Smart Water Bottles and much more.

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The best of memories are made at bedtime. Our luxurious Pillow Cases are ecologically made yarn by yarn with extra long staple fibers. They are woven to a 500 thread count in a silky soft sateen weave for an ultra lavish factor. The Tissaj Supreme Pillow Case are of exuberant quality. We use Ethical, Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)-certified dyes and not chlorine. Chemicals and pesticides used in conventional cotton can seep into water, poisoning lakes and rivers. And when the water becomes contaminated, fish, birds, and other animals are affected by the same. The sheets are hypoallergenic and breathable due to the absence of harsh chemicals. Our sheets are ethically and organically made by Indian farmers using natural materials that are easy on the environment. Meticulously crafted from the bestselling, super soft fabric, these cases will instantly uplift the feel of your whole bed. Each and every case goes under stringent Quality inspection. Absolutely crisp Pillow cases, extremely soft and gentle to the skin, amazing coziness - If these are the few qualities you're looking for in your Pillow Cases, then the Tissaj Supreme Pillow case set is for you. With a flawless finish, these come in two sizes - Standard and Large and three colors - Ultra White, Natural and Smoke Gray.

80s compact

80s Compact Yarn Threads

The finer the threads, the smoother and lighter the fabrics spun by them. We use only high quality compact yarns which are smoother and finer than the normal ones. The 80s organic compact yarns that we use are the best available ones for cotton Pillow Cases, making them ultra lavish, smooth and fine.

80s compact


xl fibers

single ply yarn

Sheet Set Duvet Cover Pillow Case Fitted Sheet
Premium Sheet Set Fine Duvet Cover Supreme Pillow Case Splendid Fitted Sheet
Color Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray Ultra White, Natural, Smoke Gray
Size Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King Twin / Twin XL, Ful l/ Queen, King / California King Standard, Large Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King