S·789 Hidden Zipper Silk Pillowcase,Both Sides 25 Momme Silk,Gift Package (20x26, Grey Blue)

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Product Description

The story of S·789 :

S We are professional in silk products , silk is the "s",which can also mean silk road.

· It's a circle represents the globe ,which means the silk road is reaching out in many countries.

7 The silk road is more than 7000 kilometers.

8 8 hours sleep time is good for everyone.and the silk pillowcases accompany you during this time .

9 It's the biggest number in single digits.In Chinese, it means forever. Love someone or accompany someone forever.

7+8+9=24 .24 hours one day !

S·789 cares you every time !


EU OEKO Eco-Textile Certification

Silk fabric is 19 momme mulberry silk,6 grade- top quality silk.more comfortable and soft for you.Mulberry silk is a natural long silk fiber,Consisting of 18 kinds of amino acids.


Textile Certification


Comfortable Life



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