American Pillowcase T220 Cotton Percale Wholesale Bulk Pillowcases, Standard Size, Pack of 20, White

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Product Description

American Pillowcase is bringing you their 100% luxury Egyptian Cotton made from long staple yarns. This Percale textile is a classic one-over-one-under weave which makes the fabric cool and crisp to touch. This breathable yet medium weight material keeps you cool in the summer and dry and warm in the winter. High thread count does not mean better quality or comfort, but this 220 count is perfect for maximum comfort and durability. Even for those with sensitive skin. The hypoallergenic qualities will reduce allergens but still showcases a smooth finish for a satin-like surface and luminous sheen. The hems will help prevent falling apart as extra stitches have been added to ensure a long-lasting product.

Includes: 20 - 21" x 32" White Standard Pillowcases fits 20"x 26" Size Pillows