2" X 2.3" Small Anchors Home Wall Bathroom window room Vinyl Decal Sticker Decor

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2" X 2.3" Small Anchors Home Wall Bathroom window Vinyl Decal Sticker Decor

This decal sticker is made of 3M Removable Adhesive vinyl, cut into the shape of the pictures in this listing. It is rated 7+ year of outdoor use and 10+ years of indoor use. These decals will not blow off like magnets will! Best of all, it is removable with NO residue left behind on the surface!

  • Made with high quality 3M Removable Adhesive Vinyl
  • All vinyl decals are individually hand-made and designed
  • Pressure activated adhesive
  • Easy to remove with no residue left behind

Application Instructions

1. When you receive your order, your decal will consist of three layers. The top layer is the application film, the bottom layer is the backing paper, and the middle layer is the actual vinyl decal.

2. Clean the surface and make sure there is no dust or grease before application.

3. Peel off the application film from backing paper. Make sure the decal sticks on the application film, and not on the backing paper.

4. Position and stick the application film on the target surface. Rub the surface of application film with a credit card or dried towel to make sure there's no air bubble caught inside the vinyl decal.

5. Peel off the application film slowly and carefully at a very low angle. Make sure the vinyl decal stick on the surface, and not on the application film. If there is any difficulties removing the application film, please leave the film on the surface longer.