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Garden Eels As Pets

That is until they abruptly shrink back into the holes they have burrowed in the sand. Garden eels live a strange life.

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By marianne walthier on a recent visit to the monterey bay aquarium i had the opportunity to meet the spotted garden eel.

Garden eels as pets. This unusual creature looks like a living exotic plant. Each eel lives in a. From a distance garden eels look a bit like some strange grass waving on the sea floor.

Another challenge of keeping garden eels is getting them to eat. The spotted garden eel is unique from other eels morays snowflakes etc in that it is 100 reef safe. Mentioned below are only the ones that can spend their full lives in 100 salt free water.

Freshwater eels that can be kept as pets are actually look alike fish with similar behavior to the true members of the family. The garden eel will always keep a part of its body inside the burrow even when feeding. Im going to try keeping garden eels and seahorses together.

They require lots of special planning and care. True eel species will need to migrate to saltwater eventually even though your local fish store may claim otherwise. Sit in as jim stime of aquarium design prepares a tank to hold eels and horses in la fishguiys episode seventy filmed in 2009.

Garden eels are of no threat to humans and are in fact kept as pets in salt water aquariums. A garden eel s diet is comprised of floating zooplankton brought to it by the water s current. Garden eels are the hardest of all eels to keep in the home aquarium.

These strange eels are not commonly kept and very difficult to care for but putting in the effort and setting up their complex environment they require a very deep sand bed so they can form their holes from which they stick out of is well worth it. They live in clusters and burrow into the sand at the bottom of the ocean to make their homes. They anchor themselves to the ocean floor using their own mucus and contort into strange shapes and positions to catch plan.

These eels need to spread out so the tank needs to be quite large because if the males are too close to one another they will fight. Care for these animals is difficult however because the eels need not only a current inside the tank to move their food but also sand at least 6 inches 15 24 cm deep.

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